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Accelerating Customer-Centric Projects with AI

Dr Pete Stanski
Dr Pete Stanski
October 4, 2023
Customer Centric AI


Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Lean Canvas, Google Sprint Model and Amazon's Working Backwards approach helps organisations expedite customer-centric projects. This approach doesn't only apply to customers in a retail environment but extends to patients in a medical setting, students within universities or even clients of a construction project - essentially all industries. By employing these frameworks, V2 Digital accelerates project execution, while improving the digital experiences for all customers.

Accelerating Project Outcomes

In today's fast-paced business environment, focusing on customer-centric projects, driven by rich customer insights, is essential for maintaining competitiveness. Leveraging frameworks such as the Google Sprint Model, Amazon's Working Backwards approach and the Lean Canvas, particularly when combined with AI, can accelerate project outcomes and ensure practical, tangible results.

It’s worth noting that whilst these frameworks can be AI-enhanced, this does not replace human expertise and experience but instead can be used effectively to accelerate projects and enhance customer experiences with stringent human oversight. 

Sprint Model

The Google Sprint Model provides a structured process for rapidly initiating and prototyping projects. When combined with AI, project outcomes can be optimised and accelerated. AI can streamline data collection, simplify feedback analysis and support data-driven decision making, speeding up every stage of the project.

AI also provides an efficient method for generating accurate customer personas, be they patients, students or airline passengers. Leveraging AI hallucinations, or AI generated images can give a more tangible form (aka literally putting a face) to these personas and strengthen the understanding of customers' needs and behaviours.

AI also enhances customer journey mapping, in countless contexts by identifying trends and patterns from customer data to deliver compelling, personalised customer journeys. By creating various permutations and variations of customer journeys, AI often uncovers more opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and increase net promoter scores (NPS) than humans alone.

Working Backwards Model

Leveraging the Amazon Working Backwards model, supported by PR FAQs, provides a succinct, structured framework for articulating project aims and findings. A PR FAQs is an approach by which the project team drafts hypothetical press releases and FAQs, envisioning the project's successful completion and outlining the achieved objectives and benefits. However, these tasks can be labour intensive, making AI integration a must here. 

By employing AI with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, teams can automate much of the PR FAQ content creation, delivering an impactful narrative quickly. AI algorithms can collect and analyse project data, Google Sprint outputs and customer feedback to generate a PR FAQ draft, saving time and resources. This draft can then be meticulously reviewed by human experts on the team. Importantly, AI tools can translate complex project information into digestible language for stakeholders, aligning the team behind a singular vision. Furthermore, they can pre-emptively address FAQs by analysing similar previous projects or stakeholder inquiries, ensuring better preparedness and improved stakeholder communications.


Infusing AI and large language models (LLMs) into these proven frameworks accelerates customer-centric projects across various industry sectors - whether healthcare, education, construction, transportation or retail, resulting in enhanced decision-making and improved customer experience. By facilitating stakeholder alignment and fostering understanding, the result is increased customer loyalty and ultimately growth. At V2 Digital we leverage these AI enhanced frameworks for exceptional project execution to deliver a superior experience for all customers through our Continuum and Colab models. 

If you’d like to continue the conversation on leveraging AI to accelerate customer-centric projects, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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